Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Catching Snowflakes - grade 3

As you may have noticed, my past few projects have been decidedly winter themed, but I can't help it - today it was close to minus 40 with the windchill! I feel like I am just completely surrounded by winter and cold and snow right now, and it's definitely affecting my choice of art projects.

I originally saw this idea as a collage on artsonia but decided to have my grade 3's do them with pastels instead, just to get them drawing and coloring. They began by drawing the face (with the little button nose on top) then drew the scarf and body. Following that, they added in more details, such as the mouth, the hair, and the sweater pattern.

It just kills me how cute these are. I love the scraggly hair, I love the patterned sweaters, and I love the little teeth. They're just adorable.


  1. Very cute! I have this pinned to do with my classes sometime too! I've done the same drawing before, but with different themes - my favorite so far was connecting it with The Scream.

  2. Thanks for my first smile of the day! These are so much fun!

  3. These are so cute. I need a one week lesson with my 2nd graders for next week, so I may give this a shot.

  4. These made me smile BIG! Love them!

  5. I saw where Runde's Room had done this art in class and referred back to your blog. It's my new favorite art that I have seen. Super cute!

    Lovely Literacy & More

  6. Please come and visit our classroom blog and see how your willingness to share this lovely idea, inspired us to create our own! Thank You!

    1. Looking great- glad it worked out!

  7. Our pictures are posted outside our room with a haiku or cinquain attached about snow or winter. They are so cute! Thanks.

  8. Aly,
    Thank you so much for this blog. I completed the crayon cooperative art piece with my grade 5 class and the whole school has been soooo complimentary! Then this week we did the "kids catching snowflakes on their tongues" idea. Would love to send you pics of both of these installations completed because of you!! I just brought your site to the attention of one of the professors at the Queen's teacher's college who was in my classroom assessing a student teacher. This prof teaches art so you'll soon be influencing brand new teachers I'm sure! If you want to see our versions of your ideas email me at Cheers, Beth


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